What better place to maintain your Bristol than at our fully equipped service and restoration centre. Our technicians, along with their many years of experience, will manage the condition and performance of your vehicle with the utmost care and attention to detail.


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Bristol Cars Services Relocates

Bristol Automotive Group is proud to announce the relocation of the official Bristol Car Services facility, from the existing premises in Brentford to the beautiful self-owned premises in Windlesham, in the heart of Surrey County’s countryside.

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With well over 100 years of collective experience in the manufacture and servicing of Bristol models, from the 400 to BULLET, Bristol Cars Services Ltd. is proud to re-introduce the re-furbished facilities.

Newly equipped to offer servicing, restoration, mechanical upgrades and a comprehensive parts inventory for your Bristol, our fully trained, knowledgeable and friendly staff are on hand to discuss any aspect of the mechanical and cosmetic upkeep of your car.


Although the underlying basics of bespoke manufacture and high quality remain the same across all Bristol models, we appreciate that many owners have specific requirements for their vehicles.

As such we are delighted to offer a comprehensive range of bolt-on upgrades for all Bristols, designed to enhance all aspects of the ownership experience.

From discrete enhancements to brakes, cooling, lighting and suspension systems, through to full installations of bespoke performance upgrades, the latest multiport injected engines and mated gearboxes, in-car-entertainment packages, alarm systems and even hidden reversing cameras, there is no aspect of any car that cannot be customised to best suit the owners requirements and taste.


With many specialists having begun to fit non OEM parts to Bristol models in recent years, we have seen an unfortunate drop in reliability for some owners, as inferior parts have been adapted to fit their cars.

In light of this problem, now more than ever, we are proud to offer a comprehensive parts catalogue from our dedicated parts department. We offer OEM boxed parts for all models from 400 to Fighter as well as a large supply of reconditioned spares, there is no Bristol model for which we cannot offer help and guidance.

From seals and rubber trims through to new wings, body panels, interior fitments and mechanical components both major and minor, our parts list and knowledge is comprehensive.


As a former division of the Bristol Aeroplane Company, our reputation for hand building our cars in the finest British tradition is well established. As the manufacturer, our restoration expertise of all Bristol models is, of course, the industry standard.

We cater for all levels of restoration, from mechanical overhauls, to renovation of bright work, interior trim and carpeting, through to complete body-off, cosmetic renovations through our in- house body work and paint-shop facilities, we are able to advise any Bristol owner on a course of action to best suit their needs, tastes and their cars.

Thanks to the many years of collective experience held by our team, both in the mastery of the traditional methods of craftsmanship that are employed and also in the deep understanding of the engineering of these cars, there is a wealth of expertise that we apply to each step of every project.

Our restorations are all bespoke; as such we work closely with the owners throughout the process. Updates are given at regular intervals, accompanying each documented stage and visits are welcomed at any time.

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